My Loyal Family Rewards

Washington D.C. may be getting some bad press for the lack of cooperation on Capitol Hill, but the My Loyal Family rewards program is proof that the local restaurateurs are working together inside the beltway. My Loyal Family is a rewards program that works with restaurants in the Washington, D.C. metro area, similar to how the Ox & Pen program promotes local businesses in Chicago, which Loyalogy covered here. Members of the My Loyal Family program receive points for eating at certain restaurants, and then they may redeem those points as they choose.

By becoming a member of the My Loyal Family rewards program, members will be able to earn and redeem points at eight local restaurants: The All American Steakhouse, Cibo Matto, Taylor Gourmet/Steak and Ice, Eggspectation, La Tasca, Mad Fox Brewing Company, Ping Pong, and Pound the Hill. The rewards vary from location to location, but members generally receive one point for every dollar spent at each restaurant.

The nature of the rewards varies substantially. For example, at the Mad Fox Brewing Company, My Loyal Family describes the rewards as follows:


When your registration is complete you will receive a welcome email with a 25% off voucher to use on your next visit. All members receive 20% off all Mad Fox merchandise!

EARN POINTS: You will earn one point for every dollar you spend.

REDEEM REWARDS: You can redeem points for any number of exciting rewards including free Mad Fox merchandise, food, and a dinner for four!

Please note that you will need a smartphone or tablet to redeem your rewards at the restaurant.

Details regarding what kind of rewards customers may receive at Mad Fox are somewhat limited, even on the company’s website. Across town, however, at La Tasca, the rewards are elaborate and well spelled out (so much so that they have their own posting here). It seems that loyalty programs that coordinate between several restaurants in an area risk becoming confusing since each restaurant will inevitably do its own thing. Nevertheless, My Loyal Family rewards appears to be a great deal for avid diners in the Washington, D.C. area. For more information about the My Loyal Family program, visit their website.


Brio Tuscan Grille MyBRIO Rewards

Brio Tuscan Grille has decided to put their own spin on restaurant rewards programs with their MyBRIO Loyalty Program. While most loyalty programs opt for a standard points for purchases model, Brio Tuscan Grille has done away with points and instead offers its customers its own “surprise and delight” model.

Members of the MyBRIO Loyalty Program will “receive discounts on certain menu items, rewards for To-Go [sic] and online ordering, new menu previews and other surprises throughout the year,” as well as the following perks, as noted on the website:

  • A complimentary appetizer which will be loaded on your card.

  • A special birthday Reward [sic] which will be loaded on your card in your birthday month.

  • Emails with exclusive offers, information about new items, recipes, cooking tips, new restaurant openings and local event invitations.

Members have access to their account via the Brio Tuscan Grille website, and can use the “My Account” link to keep track of their rewards. Members may also use the MyBRIO Rewards app to keep track of and redeem their rewards. This “surprise and delight” method of rewarding customers may bewilder some who are accustomed to a points based program, but Brio Tuscan Grille seems confident that their rewards program will keep their customers coming back for more. For more information, visit the MyBRIO Loyalty Program website.

PF Chang’s Warrior Rewards – Upcoming Changes Announced July 18 2013

P.F. Chang's Mobile Loyalty App

The PF Chang’s Warrior Rewards program has been around awhile and the company just announced some upcoming ‘exciting changes.’ From my perspective it’s been a sleepy program. I joined about a year ago and have probably visited a dozen or more times to dine-in or carry out. So I commend their intentions to change the program and look forward to seeing the details. The announcement, sent July 18, 2013 via e-mail to current Warrior Rewards members, disclosed no details. It simply disclosed the recognition that the program needs some work and that they plan to make changes and keep members informed. Following is a copy of the e-mail content:


Dear Warrior Rewards Member,

We understand that our Warrior® Rewards program was not as simple and rewarding as it could have been, and we are committed to making the necessary changes in an effort to win you back.

As you know, the spirit of Warrior® Rewards was about thanking you for choosing P.F. Chang’s and providing you with rewards that surprise and delight. We know we can do better. Therefore, as we strive to deliver a better, more compelling experience, we will be making some exciting updates to our rewards program. We promise to keep you up to date on all the exciting new changes to come.


Rick Federico

Stay tuned.

Hurricane Grill & Wings Flavor Rewards


Hurricane Grill & Wings may be best known for its wings and variety of sauces, but the Flavor Rewards program gives customers one more thing to rave about. The Flavor Rewards program offers a straightforward way for customers to earn rewards while chowing down on Hurricane’s storm of entrees. According to the Hurricane Grill’s website, members can expect the following benefits upon registering:

  1. Earn one point for every dollar purchased.

  2. Earn double points the first time you use your loyalty card!

  3. Earn double points every Monday!

  4. As you accumulate up to 100 points, they are automatically deducted and a $10 reward is loaded on your loyalty card overnight.

For more information, visit the Hurricane Grill and Wings website.

Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries


Hwy 55 prides itself on its 50’s theme decor and retro menu, but its loyalty program is decidedly modern. Coupled with Hwy 55’s gift card program, which allows customers to give the gift of shakes, burgers, and fries, the Hwy 55 card allows customers to earn loyalty points at any Hwy 55 location.

Customers must visit a Hwy 55 restaurant to receive their Hwy 55 card. In order to register their card, customers need to visit the FiveStars website. Once customers register their card, they are ready to take full advantage of the Hwy 55 loyalty program. According to the Hwy 55 website, members receive:

Program Rewards:

When you sign up online, you will receive a free one-topping Sundae!

Stop in your birthday to receive a free Andy’s Cheeseburger!

Points (Miles) Redemption:

3 = Free Soda/Tea

6 = Free Signature Side, Specialty Drink or Sundae

9 = Free Sandwich

12 = Free Meal (any sandwich, side, and soda/tea or plate with soda/tea)

The company website doesn’t actually state how many points customers earn when they eat at a Hwy 55 restaurant, and given the low number of points needed to redeem rewards, one can assume that Hwy 55 is operating on a model other than the 1 dollar = 1 point system. In addition to the point rewards, members also receive access to promotions that Hwy 55 does throughout the year. For more information, visit the Hwy 55 website.

Grotto Pizza Swirl Rewards Program


The Fightin’ Blue Hens of Delaware have (according to this writer’s wife) much to be proud of. Delaware was the country’s first state. It’s home to Joe Biden. And now, the small wonder can add Grotto Pizza’s Swirl Rewards Club to the list. Members of the Swirl Rewards Club will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on Grotto’s legendary pizza. Should a member refer a friend to the program, that member can earn an extra 25 points.

As members of Swirl Rewards Club, customers are eligible for a variety of rewards. Currently, members receive:

  • $3 off any large pizza when you register your card (dine-in only, expires 14 days after the reward is issued and is for a one time use).

  • $10 Reward for 150 points (valid on food and beverages.)

  • FREE Jr. Cheese Pizza on your Birthday (expires 14 days after it is issued, reward is automatically loaded on to your account and excludes Gluten FREE Pizza.)

For the more tech-savvy Delawarean, Grotto Pizza offers a Grotto Pizza Rewards app. For a complete list of rules, rewards, and regulations, visit the Grotto Pizza website.

Fox and Hound All Star Club

all star club

Get ready sports fans. Fox and Hound and Bailey’s Sports Grille have put their game face on and have rolled out the All Star Club. With the All Star Club, rules and rewards do vary somewhat from location to location, but for the most part the program seems fairly standardized. Members of the All Star Club receive 1 point for every $5 spent on all purchases. Small variations do exist regarding some of the rewards and the amount of points that restaurants are willing to give for alcohol purchases. For example, at a Charlotte location a customer can earn up to 4 points per day on alcohol purchases, whereas a customer in Chapel Hill, NC can earn a maximum of only 2 points per day.

These minor differences aside, the general rewards system seems to follow a similar pattern across the country. Members of the All Star Club receive discounts of varying amounts as they earn points, and the rewards become more appealing as customers accrue more points. A typical points/rewards system looks like this:


Earn Points toward great rewards

Earn 1 point for each $5.00 spent

Max of 2 points per day on alcohol purchases

“Reward Yourself” – Redeem Points for Rewards

20 Points – $5.00 Reward

80 Points – $25.00 Reward

125 Points – $50.00 Reward

200 Points – $100.00 Reward

Lifetime Achievements

75 Lifetime Points – Free small order of wings**

500 Lifetime Points – Plaque + $50 Fox and Hound / Baileys Gift Card

1000 Lifetime Points – Plaque + $100 Fox and Hound / Baileys Gift Card

5000 Lifetime Points – Plaque + $500 Visa Gift Card

Other Rewards

Registration Reward – Receive a free burger or sandwich just for signing up. Email confirmation is required

Birthday Reward – Receive a free entree on your birthday

For more information regarding rules, regulations, or the rewards at your local Fox and Hound or Bailey’s Sports Grille, visit the All Star Club website.

Freebirds World Burrito Fanatic Rewards Program

Burrito lovers have something to cheer about in the Freebirds World Burrito Fanatic Rewards program. The Fanatic Rewards program allows Freebirds fans to show the restaurant some love without going to the extremes that the website describes.

As the website explains, the Fanatic Rewards program is a straightforward loyalty program with a lot to offer:

Every time you eat with us, you’ll earn points. Save enough and redeem for food and merchandise.


  • 1 stamp = Hybird and Freebird Burrito, Burrito Bowl, 2 Tacos or more, Nachos, Quesadilla or a Freedom Salad

  • 2 stamps = Monster or Super Monster Burrito and Monster Nachos


  • 5 stamps = a cookie, pot brownie or a bottle of our very own Death Sauce

  • 10 stamps = a Hybird burrito, a Freebird (the original) burrito, a burrito bowl or nachos

  • 15 stamps = a Monster burrito or Monster nachos

  • 20 stamps = a Super Monster burrito

Freebirds Fanatics will receive more than just free burritos by joining the club. Members of the Fanatics Rewards program will be the first to hear about special events and restaurant openings, and the restaurant will even periodically reward members with free schwag [sic]. This writer believes that Freebirds is promising free promotional goods as opposed to low grade marijuana, but since members can acquire a “pot brownie” for a mere 5 stamps, it is possible that Freebirds is, in fact, on to something very new.  For more information on this munchies-inducing offer, visit the Freebirds World Burrito website.

Don Pablo’s Habaneros Club

don pablos

Don Pablo’s has carved out its own niche in the Tex-Mex market, and with the Habaneros Club it looks like it might lasso even more customers. When customers become members of the Habaneros Club, they receive exclusive offers and rewards throughout the year.

With the Habaneros Club, the rewards begin immediately. New members receive a free dip sampler simply for signing up for the program. Members also receive a $10 reward on their birthday, as well as a $10 reward for their 9th visit to any Don Pablo’s restaurant. As opposed to earning points for dining at Don Pablos, customers receive special offers via email throughout the year. Customers can redeem these rewards at any Don Pablo’s location. Habaneros Club members will also receive a $10 reward on their anniversary of joining the program. The Don clearly values loyalty. For more information, visit the Don Pablo’s website.

Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom World Beer Tour

old chicago

Now this is a point system! Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom has rolled out a rewards program that will undoubtedly have customers seeing double in no time (and could potentially serve as a boon for local taxi drivers as well). Members of the World Beer Tour loyalty program can earn points and receive rewards, albeit the method in which they accrue awards depends on the point system that their local Old Chicago restaurant employs. For these specifics, it is best to refer to the Old Chicago website:

World Beer Tour (Beer-Based):

If your Home Store sponsors this version of the World Beer Tour, your rewards will be calculated on the number of beers electronically credited to the completion of your Tour. Mini-tour beer credits will apply to both the current mini-tour and your 110 World Beer Tour.

World Beer Tour (Visit-Based):

If your Home Store sponsors this version of the World Beer Tour, your rewards will be calculated on the number of visits you make to our Old Chicago locations. Visit credits are recorded on your card when it is swiped. All prizes, including Mini-Tour prizes, are awarded based on the number of times you visit our locations. Limit one visit credit per day. No purchase necessary. You can still track your specific beers on your World Beer Tour card.

World Food & Foam Tour (Point-Based):

If your Home Store sponsors this version of the World Beer Tour, your rewards will be calculated on the accumulation of points. Points are accumulated at the rate of 1 point for $1.00 spent on food and non-alcoholic beverages, excluding tax and gratuity. Points are rounded up at $0.50 and rounded down at $0.49 and below. You can earn up to 500 points per day. You can accumulate up to a maximum of 1000 points total at any given time. At the 1000 points earned limit, you must redeem points, in order to accumulate additional points. Points are not awarded for the purchase of gift cards or merchandise. Only the member paying the bill may accumulate points. If a bill is paid by credit card, the name on the card must match the name on the World Beer Tour card. World Beer Tour Points are only awarded for checks that are paid for with cash, credit card, or purchased gift cards. If a portion of the check is paid for with a discount, gift certificates, or promotional gift card, Members cannot accrue points for that portion of their check. Members cannot accrue points for purchased with stored value or Foamer Bucks from their World Beer Tour card or purchases that are paid with gift cards that were issued to you for redeeming their World Beer Tour points. Any errors on guest check receipts must be adjusted on the day the transaction was made. Mini-Tour participation rules may vary depending on your Home Store location. You can still track your beers on your World Beer Tour card. World Beer Tour accounts (including any accumulated points or prizes) for Home Stores in Arizona will automatically expire after 9 months of inactivity. LAWS MAY PROHIBIT ACCUMULATION OF POINTS FROM ALCOHOL PURCHASES.

 Judging from the information available on the website, it does seem that the “beer based” point system is prevalent at most locations. With the “beer based” rewards program, intrepid imbibers will earn points for every beer that they drink, with a complete “tour” consisting of a World Beer Tour member buying (and consuming) all 110 beers on tap at Old Chicago. During a member’s first tour, they will receive:


10th beer:

Custom Deck of WBT Playing Cards

25th beer:

WBT Clip-on Watch and Compass

40th beer:

Old Chicago Bottle Opener

55th beer:

WBT T-Shirt

70th beer:

WBT Travel Mug

85th beer:

WBT Baseball Cap

100th beer:

WBT Travel Cooler

110th beer, Tour Completion:

WBT Sweatshirt and your name on the Hall of Foam

Old Chicago ensures that World Beer Tour members will have plenty of incentive to stick around after their first tour around the beer world. Old Chicago rewards the regulars with an array of prizes, which should keep the bartender busy and the customers cheery:


You’ll receive $20 in electronic Foamer Bucks at the 55th beer and these great prizes at the completion of the tour:

Tour 2:

Long-Sleeved WBT T-Shirt

Tour 3:

Custom WBT Gym Bag

Tour 4:

WBT BBQ Grill Set

Tour 5:

WBT Windbreaker

Tour 10:

Engraved Stein and…a special VIP World Beer Tour Card

Tour 15:

Old Chicago Fleece Jacket

Tour 20:

Old Chicago Stadium Seat

Tour 30:

Old Chicago Wheeled Duffel Bag

Tour 40:

Leather Sleeved Letter Style Jacket

Tour 50:

Pizza Party for you and 10 friends

The World Beer Tour also comes with perks that are independent of the points system. Every Wednesday, World Beer Tour members are invited to World Beer Tour Wednesday, where members can “enjoy special offers, learn more about featured beers, join exclusive members-only parties and score other great benefits.” Members also receive a free one topping medium pizza during their birthday month. For a complete list of terms, conditions, and information about the World Beer Tour, visit the Old Chicago website.