Loyalty Program Database Analysis/Analytics

Loyalogy Loyalty Program Data Analytics


We take detailed, member-level and transaction level (and check detail if it is available) data exports from your loyalty program and import it into our analytic software. We perform a variety of analytic processes to define customer segments, assess customer performance and identify revenue-generating opportunities.  Following are some of the highlights from our in-depth analytic process and it deliverable result:

  • Multi-year data approach, beginning with visit frequency segmentation.
    • Typically 3-5 frequency-based segments, including key metrics within each segment:
      • Average visits within the segment.
      • Average spend per visit within the segment.
      • Average spend per year within the segment.
  • Examination of year to year activity to understand retention and segment migration.
    • In consecutive 12-month periods, how many unique members are active?
      • How many have defected?
      • How many remained engaged, but at a lower level?
      • How many remained engaged, and at the same level?
      • How many remained engaged, but at a higher level?
  • Examination of day-part and day of week behavior.
    • Week day only.
    • Week end only.
    • Week day and week end.
    • Depending upon your business:
      • Breakfast.
      • Lunch.
      • Dinner.
      • Just one or multiple day-part behavior.
  • Integrate demographic data to derive member clusters that allow better understanding, targeting and communication.
  • Identify specific targeted margeting campaigns, driven by the data, and the measurement methodology to meaure the genuine incremental behavior by using scientifically-sound test versus control analytics.