Champs Sports VIP Rewards

If you always dreamed of becoming VIP, Champs Sports is offering you a chance through their customer loyalty program simply called ‘VIP’. It’s not exactly the same as being VIP of your local sports team, but at least you can get all the gear to play your favorite sport while earning some big rewards. So what does VIP get you?

  • Just by joining, you get a $10 coupon towards your next purchase of $50 or more
  • Access to exclusive merchandise before anyone else
  • Exclusive VIP member offers
  • Special birthday discounts
  • Become Platinum automatically when you spend $300 in a year. With Platinum:

» Spend $100 in a single purchase = $10 reward card; $150 = $15; $200 = $20

» A special Platinum welcome offer

To get all of these VIP benefits simply register online and present your membership card, key tag or VIP number anytime you make a purchase. Tracking your account balance is easy – just logon to your VIP account through the VIP Rewards webpage. Champs Sports makes it very easy to be a Very Important Person with their rewards program. To learn more about VIP visit the Champs Sport’s webpage.

Nine West – 9WLOVES Shoeaholics


There are many addictions in life and shoes happen to be at the top of list for a lot of fashion lovers. Luckily for those with a serious shoe habit, Nine West offers their 9WL♥VES rewards program for loyal shoe shoppers. Their rewards program is free and easy to join, requiring no cards or membership numbers – you simply sign up online and start earning points with your purchases. And if you’re really into shoes, you might even get bumped up to VIP status. Here are the perks members enjoy:

  • Points: $1 spent earns 1 point; 150 points earns a $10 rewards pass ($10 towards your next Nine West purchase)
  • Bonus Points: Specified blocks of time where you can earn bonus points on every $1 spent
  • Birthday Savings: Receive a special discount during your month of birth
  • Exclusive Surprises: Surprise exclusive members-only offers and promotions
  • Collection Previews: Preview new collections before anyone else
  • Dedicated Customer Service: A customer service line specifically for rewards members
  • VIP: Earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent

And so how, you may ask, does one get bumped up to VIP status? Once you spend $300 within a 12-month period you are automatically upgraded to VIP status and maintain your status and added perks until a year from the date you became VIP. So as the 9WL♥VES slogan suggests, it really does pay to put your best foot forward. To learn more about the 9WL♥VES rewards program visit their website.

The Home Depot Pro Xtra


If you weren’t looking for it, you could almost miss the fact that Home Depot offers a rewards program for their loyal professional customers, but dig a little deeper on their website and you’ll learn about the ‘Pro Xtra’ rewards program intended as a way for contractors and other professionals to save big. Because of the type of work they do, these professionals have an opportunity to save lots of money based on the fact their job requires them to spend lots of money. What’s especially attractive about Pro Xtra is that in addition to offering savings, it also offers tools specific to professional contractors that makes their jobs easier. Here are some of the benefits and features of the Pro Xtra rewards program:

  • Earn up to 20% off all paint purchases: Spend $2000 = Save 10%, $4000 = 15%, $7500 = 20%
  • Earn rebates on eligible purchases
  • Free tool to track spending with the ability to view and export detailed records of transactions plus storage of electronic receipts
  • Free estimator tool with real-time pricing and images
  • Discounted Eagle View tool that helps to assess roofing and wall measurements using aerial photography
  • Access to Pro Xtra reloadable cards that can be used amongst employees
  • Free Pro mobile app
  • Free to enroll

Although the Pro Xtra program is geared towards professionals, any Do-It-Yourself customer who has taken home building and repair into their own hands can capitalize on these rewards as well. Whether you’re a professional contractor or an individual who spends money working on their home, the Pro Xtra rewards program offers great savings and useful tools to make handy work easier and more affordable. To learn more about The Home Depots Pro Xtra loyalty program you can visit their website.

Best Buy – Four Different Ways to Save + Mobile



In the modern technical era that we live in, computers and electronics appeal to a wide array of customer segments. Best Buy has capitalized on this diversity with their ‘My Best Buy’ rewards program by offering four different ways for their customers to save money, meanwhile using some clever techniques to encourage rewards members to utilize the Best Buy mobile app.

The first three rewards offerings are completely based on spending where the more a customer spends, the more benefits they receive from the My Best Buy rewards program. Appealing to their gamer customer segment, the fourth rewards program centers around the purchase and trade-in of video game and related products. Here is a basic description of all four programs:

My Best Buy
This is the base level membership offered for free to anyone who wants to join and has no minimum spending requirements. Perks include: 1 point earned for every $1 dollar spent (250 points = $5 reward certificate); Free standard shipping on any order $25 or more; Returns and exchanges within 15 days; Access to special sales and events.

My Best Buy – Elite

The Elite program is for customers who have spent a minimum of $1500 in purchases and includes even better perks such as: 10% point bonus so every dollar spent is worth more; Free standard shipping on any order; Returns and exchanges within 30 days; Even greater access to special sales and events such as Black Friday; The added feature of a points bank that allows customers to accumulate their points and use them when they choose.

My Best Buy – Elite Plus

The spending requirement to be in the Elite Plus program is a minimum of $3500 in purchases and include even greater benefits like: 25% point bonus on every dollar spent; Free expedited shipping on any order; Returns and exchanges within 45 days; The same features as the Elite program with regards to special sales and events and the point bank feature.

My Best Buy Gamers Club

Video game lovers have 10 ways to save money and earn points. Some of the standout features include: 20% off new video game software for 2 years; 2x the points on new video game software, digital content, and game accessories; 2x the points for every dollar earned for game trade-ins; 10% off pre-owned games.


Regardless of which program a customer chooses, Best Buy encourages the use of their mobile app by offering bonus points when a customer checks in with the Best Buy app and also encourages mobile use by offering special promotions that can only be accessed through the mobile app. Best buy has found a very smart way to incentivize customers to use the mobile app technology while giving customers even more rewards. Best Buy understands that one size does not fit all and has offered multiple ways for a diverse customer population to save. To learn more about the My Best Buy rewards programs you can visit their website.

Barnes & Noble Kid’s Club

It appears that rewards programs aren’t just for adults anymore. Barnes & Noble has taken a clever approach to rewarding their customers by appealing to their younger customer segment – kids! They boast “Fun, Free, Rewards & Special Offers.” It’s not just the kids they’re targeting with the Kid’s Club – parents certainly don’t mind saving money while encouraging their children to learn and read more. Here are some of the fun and free rewards the Kid’s Club has to offer:


  • Welcome Gift — As a thank you for joining the club, they offer 30% off any one kid’s book or toy


  • Loyalty Rewards — $5 reward for every $100 spent on items for kids

* They cap it off at 4 rewards every year of active enrollment


  • Birthday Club — Parents receive a coupon for a free cupcake or cookie that can be used the week of the child’s birthday


  • Additional Benefits – A monthly email newsletter with additional savings and offers and recommendations for age appropriate products and fun activities for children


Barnes & Noble’s has found a very smart way to incentivize both parents and kids with their Kid’s Club rewards program meanwhile encouraging more reading. Appealing to children is a unique approach to a rewards program and a true win-win for both the customer and the retailer. For more information, visit the Kid’s Club webpage.