My Lowes Offers Reward with Information and Reminders

There are many ways to cultivate loyalty among customers. As we all know, many of those ways include rewards, but in some situations information can be a benefit which increases loyalty.

Consumers shop at Lowe’s for all kinds of things. Much like other brands in the category (such as Home Depot) Lowe’s offers everything from live plants to outdoor grills and kitchen sinks to lumber.

The My Lowe’s program allows consumers to keep better track of all of their past purchases with Lowes. Why is this helpful and a benefit? Well, it helps you keep an inventory in one place of the items you’ve purchased to improve your home. It also helps to remind you of periodic maintenance tasks. When did I replace that furnace filer? You can create a home profile and create shopping lists to make that next weekend shopping trip more productive and better organized.

This information-based benefit can effectively create a “tie-breaker” with consumers who consider Lowe’s versus other competitors.

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