Home Depot Garden Club

It’s estimated that there are about 90 million consumers in the United States who take part in gardening in some way, shape or form. It’s a hobby for some, a passion for others. Anyone can be a gardener; it just takes a willingness to give it a try and a few basic tools.

The Home Depot created its garden club some years ago to help gardeners with any skill level get started and be as successful as possible with their gardening endeavors.

There are other resources available to help gardeners keep track of their gardening projects and document the success of their gardening projects over time.  One resource of note is Muddy Boots Plant Tags.


Muddy Boots Plant Tags is a garden record-keeping system which allows gardeners to add plant information to their personal database along with pictures and journal notes.  It’s a new platform for gardeners to do what they’ve always done: label plants, make notes and organize pictures.  But it enables all of that with a web-based tool that makes all of your garden information available with a computer, smart phone or tablet.  You can take all of the gardening information with you out to the garden in your pocket.

Muddy Boots Plant Tags also features optional QR-coded, interactive plant tags.  The dilemma gardeners have faced for years is that traditional plant tags (some refer to them as plant labels or plant markers) wear down over time, get lost or just cannot be read anymore.  Muddy Boots Plant Tags are aluminium and etched with a QR code that can be scanned with any smart phone or tablet using one of many free QR code reader apps.  This allows you to scan a tag in the garden and read all of the information you have in your personal database on your phone, instead of crawling around on the ground looking for a legible tag.


The Home Depot Garden Club features loads of helpful information for gardeners.  Some is how-to and some inspirational.  It also features a searchable plant database to help you figure out what to plant where and how to care for your plants.