The Home Depot Pro Xtra


If you weren’t looking for it, you could almost miss the fact that Home Depot offers a rewards program for their loyal professional customers, but dig a little deeper on their website and you’ll learn about the ‘Pro Xtra’ rewards program intended as a way for contractors and other professionals to save big. Because of the type of work they do, these professionals have an opportunity to save lots of money based on the fact their job requires them to spend lots of money. What’s especially attractive about Pro Xtra is that in addition to offering savings, it also offers tools specific to professional contractors that makes their jobs easier. Here are some of the benefits and features of the Pro Xtra rewards program:

  • Earn up to 20% off all paint purchases: Spend $2000 = Save 10%, $4000 = 15%, $7500 = 20%
  • Earn rebates on eligible purchases
  • Free tool to track spending with the ability to view and export detailed records of transactions plus storage of electronic receipts
  • Free estimator tool with real-time pricing and images
  • Discounted Eagle View tool that helps to assess roofing and wall measurements using aerial photography
  • Access to Pro Xtra reloadable cards that can be used amongst employees
  • Free Pro mobile app
  • Free to enroll

Although the Pro Xtra program is geared towards professionals, any Do-It-Yourself customer who has taken home building and repair into their own hands can capitalize on these rewards as well. Whether you’re a professional contractor or an individual who spends money working on their home, the Pro Xtra rewards program offers great savings and useful tools to make handy work easier and more affordable. To learn more about The Home Depots Pro Xtra loyalty program you can visit their website.