Kohl’s Somewhat Secret Rewards Program


Go to Kohl’s website to see whether they have a rewards program, scan every square inch and nope – nothing about a rewards program. But if you do an internet search for “Kohl’s rewards program” you’ll stumble upon ‘Kohl’s Rewards’, which links you to a few pages proving Kohl’s actually does have a rewards program. So why the big secret – wouldn’t a successful retailer like Kohl’s want to advertise their rewards program to encourage customers to enroll? Absolutely and of course! The reason Kohl’s Rewards isn’t clearly advertised on their website is because the rewards program is in the pilot stage where it is being tested out in certain markets so that Kohl’s can work out the kinks before launching it nationwide. If you go to the Kohl’s Rewards website you’ll find that it requires you to enter your zip code… if you don’t happen to live in one of the test areas you’ll receive a message that states, “We’re sorry, Kohl’s Rewards is not yet available in your area. Check back soon. We’re expanding quickly!” Here’s what customers can look forward to once Kohl’s Rewards is launched in their area:

  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spend
  • Spend $100 and receive a $5 reward
  • 8 savings offers guaranteed each year
  • A special birthday offer
  • Easy account access via email

We did a little investigative research to find out where Kohl’s Rewards program is currently available and when we can expect the customer loyalty program to be available nationwide. The customer representative we spoke to mentioned that it is already available in select cities of California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Arizona. The most recent launch was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but the majority of the state doesn’t have access to the program yet. Kohl’s will keep releasing Kohl’s Rewards in a handful of locations at a time and hopes to be nationwide by the end of the year. To learn more about this somewhat secret rewards program, visit the Kohl’s Rewards webpage.