Jiffy Lube – Fuel Rewards Network



We all know that person who drives an extra 10 miles to pay 4¢ less a gallon of gasoline – hey, maybe that person is you? Let’s face it… no one likes to pay for gas and if there’s a way to save money, most of us will jump on the opportunity. Understanding the dilemma of the gas pump, Jiffy Lube offers its customers the ‘Fuel Rewards Network’ – a rewards program that rewards enrolled customers with special gasoline discounts every time they purchase a Jiffy Lube service. Partnering with Shell Oil Company and Pennzoil, the Fuel Rewards Network offers different levels of discount based on the type of service purchased. Here’s a rundown of how it works:

First… Purchase a Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. If you upgrade to one of Pennzoil’s premium oils or synthetic oils, you can save even more. Based on which oil you choose you can save 15¢/gal, 30¢/gal or 50¢/gal.

Next… After your service you will be given a FRN Rewards Code on card with the irresistible metal foil that you get to scratch off the back to reveal your unique code.

Then… Go online and logon to your Fuel Rewards Network account and enter the code you found under the scratched off foil.

Last… When you’re ready to gas up, go to a Shell gas station and swipe your Fuel Rewards Network card before you pump, and see the price of gasoline drop 15¢, 30¢, or 50¢ a gallon.

And if that’s not motivating enough, the Fuel Rewards Network helps customers save even more when they dine out, shop on the Fuel Rewards Network online mall, and rewards customers further with exclusive offers and special promotions. Successful rewards programs know how to motivate their customers and when it comes to oil changes, Jiffy Lube has found a surefire way into the hearts of many… a discount on gas! To learn more about Fuel Rewards Network, visit their website.