La Tasca Viva! News and Rewards


Spanish cuisine enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic may be most familiar with La Tasca for their sangria (which you can snag a coupon for here, so don’t say we never did anything for you), but regulars at La Tasca can take advantage of their Viva! News & Rewards program.

The Viva! News & Rewards program offers members a double dose of rewards. Upon enrolling in the Viva! program, customers will receive a 25% discount on their next visit to Tasca. Members will also receive a 10% discount for every subsequent visit to Tasca, as well as a monthly newsletter which outlines rewards and special events. In addition to the running discount that members receive, members also receive one point for every dollar they spend at Tasca. Members of the Viva! program can redeem their points for a range of rewards, some of which get pretty swanky at the higher end of the scale:

At 100 Reward Points

  • Enjoy a Pitcher of Sangria for 1/2 Price*

  • Receive a Dessert Sampler Platter for Your Table

At 150 Reward Points

  • Park for Free When You Dine with Us (Up to $15 Value)

  • Catch a Movie with Two Free Movie Tickets to any Regal Cinemas

At 200 Reward Points

  • Collect a $25 Gift Card to La Tasca for Future Use

  • Enjoy a Bottle of Spanish Wine Priced $40 or Less*

At 250 Reward Points

  • Feast on a Paell for Two of Your Choice

  • Toast Your Dinner with a Bottle of Penalbe Lopez Cava Champagne*

At 500 Reward Points

  • Enjoy our Dinner and a Movie Menu for Two Along with a Pitcher of Sangria*

  • Collect a $60 Gift Card to La Tasca for Future Use

At 750 Reward Points

  • Visit the Spy Museum with 6 Guests

  • Enjoy a Chef’s Dinner for Four Guests

At 1000 Reward Points

  • Celebrate with a Happy Hour for 10 Guests*

  • Select Two Free Tickets to any Entertainment Event

At 2000 Reward Points

  • Host a Sangria-Making Class for 15 Guests*

  • Relax with a Spa Getaway with a $200 Gift Certificate

At 2500 Reward Points

  • Escape with a Weekend Getaway at a Dupont Circle Hotel

At 5000 Reward Points

  • Enjoy a Private All-Inclusive Party and Flamenco Show for 15 Guests

At 7500 Reward Points

  • Discover A Local Virginia Winery With A Weekend Get-Away

At 10,000 Reward Points

  • Indulge Yourself With A $500 Gift Card For Tiffany & Company

At 20,000 Reward Points

  • Travel To Spain With A Four Night, Five Day Trip to Barcelona For Two

Considering the variety of perks that members of the Viva! News & Rewards program receive, diners would be wise to take advantage of such an offer. For more information, visit the La Tasca website.