Loyalty Program Online Analytic Dashboard

Loyalogy Dashboard Graphic

At Loyalogy we specialize in loyalty program management with an emphasis on intelligent data analysis to help companies find useful and actionable insights from the tons of data that loyalty programs yield.  Over the years we’ve found that many companies have sparse loyalty program metrics they monitor consistently over time.  Others produce a variety of spreadsheet reports with loyalty metrics that are e-mailed around their company on a weekly or monthly basis but have no consistent or effective tool for looking at trends over time.  To fill this gap we’ve just released the first version of the Loyalty Program Dashboard for Loyalty Rewards Programs.

Our Dashboard tool was developed specifically with location-based loyalty programs in mind.  Since we’re heavily focused on the restaurant industry, we were focused on the needs of restaurant loyalty program operators in the development phase.  However, this tool is also quite relevant to other location-based business categories that operate customer loyalty programs such as retailers and hotel chains.

The Dashboard consists of four interactive components to help monitor what’s going on with a loyalty program.  Two are location based modules that look at location metrics for a specific week or to drill down and review the trend at a specific location over a range of weeks.  The other two modules are segmentation based and look at active members for a specific month or a range of months and group those members into a visit-based segmentation.

The metrics available from the Dashboard include:

  • New members per location.
  • Registrations per location.
  • Registration rate by location.
  • Spending.
  • Visits.
  • Spend per visit.
  • Visits per member.
  • Segmentation percentages – percent of total members and percent of total spending.

The Dashboard tool is accessible online and companies who use the tool may have as many registered users as they need.  Instead of searching around for spreadsheets, marketers and managers have one place to go to find all of the historical data in an interactive format.  Data is presented in tabular and graphic form with options for “on the fly” interactive sorting and downloading data in CSV format for offline analysis and reporting.  We make it easy for marketers to use the tool by handling all of the data imports (we get the data from their loyalty platform/system using credentials provided by the client) and updating the Dashboard on a periodic basis (we have weekly and monthly options).

We have a demonstration version of the dashboard that interested marketers may access to see how the Dashboard tool works in action.  It’s populated with 12-months of fictitious data for a fictitious loyalty program.  It consists of the basic modules, but most companies need their own variations and customizations of these basic modules or new custom modules.  All of these variations and customizations are addressed during the initial system setup phase.

Interested in using the demonstration version?  Simply visit http://dashboard.loyalogy.com and set up a free account (name, company, e-mail address, password).  You’ll be able to login right away and evaluate the Dashboard to your heart’s content.  If you’d like to discuss the Dashboard or any other loyalty program related services or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Papa Gino and D’Angelo Rewards

papa ginos

This is it folks! Papa Gino’s pizzeria and D’Angelo’s sandwich shop have teamed up to make “the greatest rewards program of all time.” Loyalogy will let you be the judge of that claim, but the program does seem to be a good deal for the pizza and sandwich crowd.

Members of the rewards program (it is so far nameless) will receive 1 point for every dollar spent at any participating Papa Gino’s or D’Angelo location. Members receive a $5 reward for every 50 points, which is redeemable at any participating location. Members of the rewards program will also receive discounts and promotions throughout the year. The website implies that these special promotions change throughout the year, but it did provide the following example of the type of reward that members might expect:

From time to time, we may provide special rewards upon registration. As an example, if you registered your card before February 1, 2010 a free Papa Gino’s small cheese pizza and a free D’Angelo small sandwich, were loaded onto your card. These special rewards will have expiration dates and limitations that will be communicated in your confirmation email.

While some competing restaurants may balk at the idea of this being a world beater in terms of loyalty programs, members will certainly enjoy the rewards they will receive from Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo. For more information, visit the website.

Crave Loyalty Program

Crave is group of restaurants in the Midwest and Florida that is making an impression as the spot for upscale cuisine using regionally procured ingredients. To secure their place in a competitive market, Crave has recently rolled out their own loyalty program. The Crave Loyalty program promises customers a variety of rewards for dining at any of Crave’s locations:

  • For every $150 spent at our restaurants, you will receive a $10 Reward that may be used during any future dining experience at CRAVE. Additional Rewards will be offered for multiple monthly visits, birthdays/anniversaries, etc.

  • New Loyalty Card members will receive an addition $10 Reward just for unlocking their card by providing their name and email address in the form below. Doing this will allow CRAVE to send you additional Loyalty Rewards and exclusive offers

  • FREE APPETIZER- Visit CRAVE 5 times in a month and receive your next appetizer FREE

  • FREE BIRTHDAY DESSERT- Visit CRAVE during your birthday month and receive a free dessert.

  • 10% ANNIVERSARY DISCOUNT- Visit CRAVE during the month of your anniversary and receive 10% off of your guest check

The Crave Loyalty program also makes smart use of members’ dining habits to improve their rewards program. As members dine at Crave, the program will track what customers typically order and will generate personalized rewards accordingly. To sign up for the Crave Loyalty program, customers must visit any Crave location (online signup is currently unavailable). For more information, visit the Crave Loyalty program website.

Kings Family Restaurant Rewards

Kings Family Restaurant has been serving diners in the Keystone State for over 40 years, and the restaurant chain prides itself on serving old fashioned cooking to hungry Pennsylvanians. It is with this in mind that Kings Family Restaurant rolled out its Kings Reward program. By signing up for the Kings Reward program, members can look forward to the following benefits, as outlined by the Kings Family Restaurant website:

  • You receive one point for every dollar spent.

  • At 130 points, you will get five “Kings Dollars.” These may be used for any food or beverage purchases.

  • Members who are registered can “opt in” for promotions. All you need to be eligible is a valid email address. You could get additional promotions and rewards sent by email. Kings does not share your personal Kings Rewards information.

  • If you do not have a Kings Rewards card, stop in to any Kings and pick up a card.

This writer is surprised that Kings decided to let customers opt-in for email promotions as opposed to making it a standard part of the program, but perhaps this is reflective of Kings’ commitment towards ensuring customer privacy. Either way, the Kings Reward program looks like a promising deal for hungry steelmen and quakers alike. For more information, visit the Kings Rewards website.

Farrelli’s Fire Club


Given how ubiquitous pizza restaurants are, it is imperative that smaller restaurants set themselves apart with both their food and their loyalty program. Farrelli’s Pizza, a Washington based chain of pizza restaurants, hopes that its Fire Club loyalty program will give its customers one more reason to come back around for more of their signature wood fire pizza.

Members of the Fire Club will enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts just for showing up  and eating at a Farrelli’s restaurant. Members will receive a $10 gift certificate for signing up for the Fire Club, as well as additional discounts on their birthday and on their anniversary of signing up for the Fire Club. Fire Club members will also receive a $10 gift card for every $200 spent, as well as exclusive email offers throughout the year.

Fans of wood fire pizza would be wise to take advantage of Farrelli’s Fire Club. For more information, visit the Farrelli’s Fire Club website.

La Tasca Viva! News and Rewards


Spanish cuisine enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic may be most familiar with La Tasca for their sangria (which you can snag a coupon for here, so don’t say we never did anything for you), but regulars at La Tasca can take advantage of their Viva! News & Rewards program.

The Viva! News & Rewards program offers members a double dose of rewards. Upon enrolling in the Viva! program, customers will receive a 25% discount on their next visit to Tasca. Members will also receive a 10% discount for every subsequent visit to Tasca, as well as a monthly newsletter which outlines rewards and special events. In addition to the running discount that members receive, members also receive one point for every dollar they spend at Tasca. Members of the Viva! program can redeem their points for a range of rewards, some of which get pretty swanky at the higher end of the scale:

At 100 Reward Points

  • Enjoy a Pitcher of Sangria for 1/2 Price*

  • Receive a Dessert Sampler Platter for Your Table

At 150 Reward Points

  • Park for Free When You Dine with Us (Up to $15 Value)

  • Catch a Movie with Two Free Movie Tickets to any Regal Cinemas

At 200 Reward Points

  • Collect a $25 Gift Card to La Tasca for Future Use

  • Enjoy a Bottle of Spanish Wine Priced $40 or Less*

At 250 Reward Points

  • Feast on a Paell for Two of Your Choice

  • Toast Your Dinner with a Bottle of Penalbe Lopez Cava Champagne*

At 500 Reward Points

  • Enjoy our Dinner and a Movie Menu for Two Along with a Pitcher of Sangria*

  • Collect a $60 Gift Card to La Tasca for Future Use

At 750 Reward Points

  • Visit the Spy Museum with 6 Guests

  • Enjoy a Chef’s Dinner for Four Guests

At 1000 Reward Points

  • Celebrate with a Happy Hour for 10 Guests*

  • Select Two Free Tickets to any Entertainment Event

At 2000 Reward Points

  • Host a Sangria-Making Class for 15 Guests*

  • Relax with a Spa Getaway with a $200 Gift Certificate

At 2500 Reward Points

  • Escape with a Weekend Getaway at a Dupont Circle Hotel

At 5000 Reward Points

  • Enjoy a Private All-Inclusive Party and Flamenco Show for 15 Guests

At 7500 Reward Points

  • Discover A Local Virginia Winery With A Weekend Get-Away

At 10,000 Reward Points

  • Indulge Yourself With A $500 Gift Card For Tiffany & Company

At 20,000 Reward Points

  • Travel To Spain With A Four Night, Five Day Trip to Barcelona For Two

Considering the variety of perks that members of the Viva! News & Rewards program receive, diners would be wise to take advantage of such an offer. For more information, visit the La Tasca website.