My Loyal Family Rewards

Washington D.C. may be getting some bad press for the lack of cooperation on Capitol Hill, but the My Loyal Family rewards program is proof that the local restaurateurs are working together inside the beltway. My Loyal Family is a rewards program that works with restaurants in the Washington, D.C. metro area, similar to how the Ox & Pen program promotes local businesses in Chicago, which Loyalogy covered here. Members of the My Loyal Family program receive points for eating at certain restaurants, and then they may redeem those points as they choose.

By becoming a member of the My Loyal Family rewards program, members will be able to earn and redeem points at eight local restaurants: The All American Steakhouse, Cibo Matto, Taylor Gourmet/Steak and Ice, Eggspectation, La Tasca, Mad Fox Brewing Company, Ping Pong, and Pound the Hill. The rewards vary from location to location, but members generally receive one point for every dollar spent at each restaurant.

The nature of the rewards varies substantially. For example, at the Mad Fox Brewing Company, My Loyal Family describes the rewards as follows:


When your registration is complete you will receive a welcome email with a 25% off voucher to use on your next visit. All members receive 20% off all Mad Fox merchandise!

EARN POINTS: You will earn one point for every dollar you spend.

REDEEM REWARDS: You can redeem points for any number of exciting rewards including free Mad Fox merchandise, food, and a dinner for four!

Please note that you will need a smartphone or tablet to redeem your rewards at the restaurant.

Details regarding what kind of rewards customers may receive at Mad Fox are somewhat limited, even on the company’s website. Across town, however, at La Tasca, the rewards are elaborate and well spelled out (so much so that they have their own posting here). It seems that loyalty programs that coordinate between several restaurants in an area risk becoming confusing since each restaurant will inevitably do its own thing. Nevertheless, My Loyal Family rewards appears to be a great deal for avid diners in the Washington, D.C. area. For more information about the My Loyal Family program, visit their website.