Freebirds World Burrito Fanatic Rewards Program

Burrito lovers have something to cheer about in the Freebirds World Burrito Fanatic Rewards program. The Fanatic Rewards program allows Freebirds fans to show the restaurant some love without going to the extremes that the website describes.

As the website explains, the Fanatic Rewards program is a straightforward loyalty program with a lot to offer:

Every time you eat with us, you’ll earn points. Save enough and redeem for food and merchandise.


  • 1 stamp = Hybird and Freebird Burrito, Burrito Bowl, 2 Tacos or more, Nachos, Quesadilla or a Freedom Salad

  • 2 stamps = Monster or Super Monster Burrito and Monster Nachos


  • 5 stamps = a cookie, pot brownie or a bottle of our very own Death Sauce

  • 10 stamps = a Hybird burrito, a Freebird (the original) burrito, a burrito bowl or nachos

  • 15 stamps = a Monster burrito or Monster nachos

  • 20 stamps = a Super Monster burrito

Freebirds Fanatics will receive more than just free burritos by joining the club. Members of the Fanatics Rewards program will be the first to hear about special events and restaurant openings, and the restaurant will even periodically reward members with free schwag [sic]. This writer believes that Freebirds is promising free promotional goods as opposed to low grade marijuana, but since members can acquire a “pot brownie” for a mere 5 stamps, it is possible that Freebirds is, in fact, on to something very new.  For more information on this munchies-inducing offer, visit the Freebirds World Burrito website.