Don Pablo’s Habaneros Club

don pablos

Don Pablo’s has carved out its own niche in the Tex-Mex market, and with the Habaneros Club it looks like it might lasso even more customers. When customers become members of the Habaneros Club, they receive exclusive offers and rewards throughout the year.

With the Habaneros Club, the rewards begin immediately. New members receive a free dip sampler simply for signing up for the program. Members also receive a $10 reward on their birthday, as well as a $10 reward for their 9th visit to any Don Pablo’s restaurant. As opposed to earning points for dining at Don Pablos, customers receive special offers via email throughout the year. Customers can redeem these rewards at any Don Pablo’s location. Habaneros Club members will also receive a $10 reward on their anniversary of joining the program. The Don clearly values loyalty. For more information, visit the Don Pablo’s website.