Rock Bottom Brewery’s Rock Rewards Program

rock rewards

Rock Bottom Brewery’s Rock Rewards loyalty program looks to make rock stars out of their customers. With deals on food that become more attractive as customers spend more money at Rock Bottom, the Rock Rewards program looks likely to lure customers through the doors.

With Rock Rewards, customers can earn 1 point for every dollar that they spend at any Rock Bottom Brewery location. Customers receive a $10 discount on their next visit just for signing up for the Rock Rewards program. Once customers begin accruing points, the rewards become more valuable. After customers spend $100, they will receive a free “signature starter.” 200 points will snag customers a $10 dollar discount, and customers will receive a $15 discount once they hit 350 points. Rock Bottom Brewery promises even greater rewards for their most loyal customers. Patrons who rack up 500 points will receive $20 off of their next visit, and $15 off for every 150 points that they earn over 500.

Rock Rewards also encourages frequent visits by offering “double dollar points.” Customers who reach 30 visits annually receive 2 points for every dollar spent from 5-7 PM, Monday through Friday. Customers who reach 50 visits within a year can earn “double dollar points” from 11AM-2PM, Monday through Friday. Rock Bottom Brewery also states that members of the Rock Rewards loyalty program can receive invitations to “secret tapping parties” and dinners with the restaurants chefs and brewmasters, although there is no indication as to how many points are required for such rewards.

In order to join the Rock Rewards program, customers must visit a Rock Bottom Brewery. Once customers receive their Rock Rewards card, they must register their card on the website. The company indicates that customers will soon be able to register for the rewards program entirely online. Customers must be 21 years old to register for the program, and certain restrictions apply. For more information, visit the Rock Bottom Brewery website.