Phillips Seafood – Friends of Phillips

phillips seafood

Phillips Seafood is aiming to keep customers in the Mid-Atlantic region coming back for more of their signature seafood with the Friends of Phillips loyalty program. Diners in Atlantic City, Baltimore, Ocean City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC can earn rewards and special offers by signing up for the frequent diners card, with the perks becoming more attractive as customers spend more at Phillips.

The Friends of Phillips rewards program lets customers earn 1 point for every dollar that they spend at any participating restaurant, excluding alcohol only purchases. Once customers accrue 100 points, they earn a $10 reward that can be used towards their next meal at Phillips. Customers will also receive special offers for their birthday and anniversary, as well as special email offers, wine specials, and events which offer customers double points for their purchases.

Phillips also offers big spenders an extra incentive to join the Friends of Phillips. Members who earn 400 points will become a VIP member of the Phillips crew, which makes them eligible for additional rewards. VIP members can be treated to “priority seating, complimentary passes to the National Aquarium, Zoo and the Science Center in Baltimore, and discounts on party platters, seafood shipping and souvenirs.”

In order to register for the Friends of Phillips rewards program, customers can visit any participating location to complete an application. There is a $10 registration fee, but customers will receive $10 in rewards for their next visit. For more information, visit the Phillips Seafood website.