P.F. Chang’s Warrior Card

P.F. Chang's Mobile Loyalty App

The Warrior Card loyalty/rewards program offered by P.F. Chang’s China Bistro falls into the category of “surprise and delight” as described by the company itself. First, a little background on the brand itself, from the company’s website:

At P.F. Chang’s we are committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you walk through our doors. Each dish on our menu is prepared to order using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

At P.F. Chang’s you are surrounded by a unique environment combining influences of Chinese and American cultures. A panoramic, hand-painted mural depicting 12th century China, is visible from the main dining room and commands attention as the restaurant’s centerpiece, while several terra-cotta warriors stand guard.

Our majestic 11 ft. tall horses grace the entrance to many of our restaurants. The horse symbolizes the original Forbidden City in China, which was built for China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

These elements showcase the cuisine and create a stylish, comfortable, upbeat dining experience for our guests.

And some facts about the program, which is integrated with a mobile app to make it easy to order online and ensure credit for your Warrior Card program participation:


The spirit of Warrior® Rewards is to thank you for choosing P.F. Chang’s and provide you, the guest, with rewards that will surprise and delight.

How does Warrior® Rewards work?

The Warrior Rewards® program allows you to receive Rewards for dining with us. These Rewards may not be identified to you in advance.

There are a few ways you can participate in Warrior® Rewards.

  • Get a plastic Warrior® Rewards card at any participating P.F. Chang’s location in the Continental United States. In order to receive Rewards, you must register your card online here. When you visit us simply present your plastic card to your server and they will swipe it and you’ll receive credit for that visit.
  • Get a plastic Warrior® Rewards card as mentioned above, but instead of giving the actual card to your server to swipe, you can tell them the card number.
  • Sign up for Warrior® Rewards on our website or from our Mobile App. If you participate this way you will use the phone number registered to your account as your account ID and provide that to your server when you dine with us. You will also be issued a virtual card number, which you can see when you login to your account. If you want to jot that number down and present that to your server you are welcome to do so. All options, when presented to your server, will allow you to get credit for your visit.

For more information on the P.F. Chang’s Warrior card program, visit the program website. For more information on P.F. Chang’s, visit the company website.