Loyalogy Unveils Loyalty Program Roadmap For Sagging Restaurant Sales

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Asheville, NC, February 25, 2013 – Loyalogy, provider of loyalty program consulting and analysis services to the restaurant industry and publisher of the LoyaltyPulse research study on consumer attitudes about restaurant loyalty rewards programs, announced its Loyalty Program Roadmap for Sagging Restaurant Sales.

“Restaurant companies have been hit by a perfect storm of economic conditions causing a downturn in sales in early 2013.  This step-by-step, how-to guide helps restaurant companies with existing loyalty programs develop and implement successful promotions that leverage the data from their program,” said Dennis Duffy, President of Loyalogy.

The roadmap includes specific guidelines regarding how to analyze the data from a loyalty program and provides examples of the types of promotions most likely to generate incremental sales.  The roadmap is organized into five sections:

  1. Conduct a quick analysis of behavior among members of your customer loyalty program.
  2. Construct several offer ideas that provide extra motivation for loyalty program members to visit your restaurant instead of one of the other choices they have within your category.  Turn these ideas into limited-time promotions and select targeted members from the population of your loyalty program.
  3. Withhold a control group so you can determine the incremental sales generated by the programs.
  4. Implement the promotions and measure results against the control group daily.
  5. At the completion of the promotion, assess to determine the best performers.  Modify as necessary and incorporate periodic (not perpetual) promotions to enhance the effectiveness of your loyalty program in good times as well as bad times.

Read the complete roadmap report at the Loyalogy Website.


Founded by Dennis Duffy, with more than twenty years of experience developing, managing and analyzing customer loyalty programs, Loyalogy provides loyalty program development, consulting, project management and database analysis services to restaurant companies.  Loyalogy is also the publisher of the LoyaltyPulse research study which finds that restaurant rewards programs may increase guest visits by as much as 35%.  For more information, visit www.loyalogy.com.


Dennis Duffy – President, Loyalogy, Inc. at 828-333-5860 or dennis@loyalogy.com.