Restaurant Loyalty/Rewards Programs as a Consistent Anchor in Restaurant Marketing

Experts in Restaurant Loyalty Programs

A recent article in Restaurant Hospitality points out that restaurant loyalty programs are effective at generating incremental business. We know from our research and experience that loyalty programs are an important ‘anchor’ in a restaurant marketing mix. There is always a place for promotions and depending upon the brand, deals. But promotions and deals in the absence of a longer-term approach to marketing that also generates behavior insights (visits and spending) leave one wondering ‘what did that do for us?’ and ‘what’s next?’.

An excerpt from the Restaurant Hospitality piece:

Full-service operators know that short-term specials and deals will give their restaurants a temporary revenue boost. But findings from a new study indicate that restaurants can use tried-and-true customer loyalty programs to build and retain a customer base without relying on costly dollars-off promotions.

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