Morton’s the Steakhouse – Landry’s Select Club

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Morton’s has a great reputation and legacy in the fine steakhouse category.  Along with a diverse collection of other restaurants in the Landry’s family, Morton’s operates within the Landry’s Select Club – a restaurant loyalty/rewards program. With such a broad assortment of restaurant brands in the fold, the Landry’s Select Club offers what we know from research (The LoyaltyPulse Study) to be a very appealing proposition to consumers: the opportunity to earn rewards using one program across many restaurant brands.

Landry’s Select is a fee-based program. Members pay $25 to join and receive a $25 reward immediately. Membership fees are effective at gaining commitment to a restaurant rewards program. When members are considering their choice for a dining event, the fact that they have paid a fee to join a rewards program at one restaurant is a considerable factor when making that choice. It serves as one of the ‘tie-breakers.’

We also know from our research (The LoyaltyPulse Study) that just 10% of consumers have paid a fee to join a restaurant rewards program. However, among those consumers who dine for business (either business exclusively or business and pleasure), nearly one in four have paid a fee to join a restaurant rewards program (22%). Consumer acceptance rate increases with respect to the payment of an enrollment fee if there is an immediate incentive in place.


MORTON’S and LANDRY’S SELECT CLUB – From the Website

We have a saying at Landry’s that “there are no spare customers.” We value each and every guest and appreciate your loyalty. We do everything we can to ensure that you are taken care of every time that you visit any one of our participating restaurants in 31 states across the country.

As a member of the Landry’s Select Club, here are some of the benefits you will receive.

  • Earn Points – 1 point for every dollar spent at participating Landry’s locations.
  • Welcome Reward – $25 Reward automatically added to your account upon registration.*
  • Birthday Reward – $25 Reward which can be redeemed during your birthday month.
  • Priority Seating – Receive seating privileges, seven days a week.
  • Retail Benefits – Receive a 10% discount or earn points on your purchases (benefit based on retail location)
  • Gift Cards – Earn points when you purchase gift cards.
  • Online Access – 24-hour access to your account to review transactions, point balances and rewards.
  • Email Notifications – You will receive information about rewards and other important club news.
  • Faster Delivery of Rewards – Rewards are automatically added to your account, so no more paper gift certificates!
  • Member-only access to special offers and promotions, including our entertainment and hospitality venues.

We want to make it easy for anyone to enroll and enjoy being a Landry’s Select Club member.

To enroll at a restaurant, ask a host, hostess or server for a Landry’s Select Club card. A $25 enrollment fee will be charged to you at the restaurant at the time you receive your card. Once you are given your card, you can start earning points immediately!

A $25 Welcome Reward will be added to your account once it has been registered online through the Landry’s Select website.

For more information, visit the Morton’s website or the Landry’s Select Club website.