Encouraging Results from Loyalogy’s LoyaltyPulse Study – Good News for Restaurant Companies

Happy Couple Enjoying a Meal and Earning Restaurant Rewards

We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback regarding the results of our LoyaltyPulse research study which tracked consumer attitudes and behavior regarding restaurant loyalty/rewards programs. This is one of the latest bits of interpretation and feedback from Loyalty Truth and its principal Bill Hanafin, a loyalty-marketing veteran. Here’s an excerpt from the Loyalty Truth piece:

The challenges of creating customer loyalty in the restaurant business – especially the quick serve sector – are many. Businesses with high frequency visit environments lend themselves to traditional loyalty program structures, but a small average transaction size means that awarding a customer with a 1-5% rebate doesn’t add up to much. That’s part of the reason so many restaurant chains still rely on a punch card style solution for customer loyalty. Add in the complexities of a franchise system, where multiple business owners have to be convinced of the same customer engagement and retention plan, and even the a well prepared strategy can run into low adoption rates across the business.

Given the challenges, it was heartening to read the results of the LoyaltyPulse survey, which tracked consumer attitudes towards loyalty programs in the dining sector. The report was sponsored by Loyalogy, a provider of loyalty program consulting services and its principal, Dennis Duffy, is a highly credible source of knowledge and experience in the industry.

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