BJs Premier Rewards

BJs Premier Rewards is not your garden variety restaurant loyalty/rewards program.  The program includes some unusual features and we’re very BJs Card interested in watching this program carefully over time.  Some of the atypical features include redemption options that go beyond spending rewards in the restaurant (restaurant options include several choices – FREE Pizookie®, $10 and $25 off meals and “other BJ’s Experiences”).

BJs Premier Rewards also includes options to redeem for merchandise (the website states merchandise, but when we drilled down all we see are options to redeem points for FREE Pizookie®, $10 and $25 off meals and free admission to a VIP table at a BJs Beer Dinner) and to participate in online auctions. On the earning side, members may earn in the typical manner – in the restaurant – but also by engaging in social media (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter) and purchasing BJs gifts and merchandise (caps, shirts, glasses).

For more information about BJs Premier Rewards, visit the program website.