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Cafe de Boston Level Up Rewards Program

Cafe de Boston Level Up Rewards Program

LevelUp is the free app that enables you to pay with your phone when you place an order at certain restaurants. Here’s an example of LevelUp and a restaurant adding value by creating a promotional offer that contains a rewards component.

Use LevelUp at Café de Boston and you’ll get 10% cash back when you spend $100. New customers receive $2 for your first time visit to Café de Boston.

Cafe De Boston is an all-purpose cafeteria for the “die hahhd” professional in Boston. When your feathers are ruffled from an episode of downtown parking wars, we’ve got two words for you: oatmeal bar. Served with fresh toppings like fruit, granola and almonds, the stuff is known to cure even the most severe cases of commute rage. When you’ve got 5 minutes to turn an afternoon meeting into a birthday celebration, Cafe De Boston also has your back with beautifully decorated cakes to make you look like the golden co-worker. And when the wind whips through the financial district and you need something to make you feel whole again, hit the build-a-bowl pasta station. With Cafe De Boston in their arsenal, the tie and pencil skirt crowd is bound to conquer!

Click here to access the Cafe de Boston LevelUp page. Click here to learn more about LevelUp and here to access Cafe de Boston’s website.