Our new 2014 consumer study on restaurant rewards program attitudes and behavior is now available [ACCESS THE DATA]. In addition to the report which you can review on-screen below or download as a PDF by clicking here, we have dataset downloads available. There is no cost for the report or access to the dataset downloads. The dataset downloads provide access to survey details by a variety of segments.

    Detailed data is available in a variety of segments:

    • Restaurant Regulars (visit restaurants 12+ times per month).
    • Restaurant Format Segments (QSR, Fast Casual, Full Service Casual, Full Service Fine Dining).
    • Gender Segments.
    • Age Segments.
    • Pizza Fans (delivery/carry-out, gourmet, take & bake).
    • Bar & Grill Fans.
    • Gourmet Burger Fans.
    • Coffee Shop Fans.



    For years we’ve heard the same questions, again and again.

    • Is a loyalty program right for our brand?
    • How do we go about developing a loyalty program?
    • We’ve collected an enormous amount of transaction data about our customers over a long period of time.  Now what do we do with it?
    • We’ve had this loyalty program for a while now, where do we go from here?
    • We have this loyalty program and we need help managing it.  Do we hire someone or outsource to a company with expertise in loyalty programs?

    Loyalogy is focused on helping companies answer these questions and more.  We employ a methodical, research-based process in assessing the extent to which a loyalty program may increase customer value for your brand through improved retention and increased share of customer (incremental spending by winning additional customer purchase transactions from competitors).  Our proprietary analytic process synthesizes years of data from an existing customer loyalty program to measure effectiveness and identify genuine revenue-driving opportunities.  Our years of experience developing, evaluation and managing loyalty programs make us the perfect, realistic partner for guiding your program to the next level.